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Well, today I received my iPhone Application Sketch Book.  Dean Kaplan, from Kapsoft, was so kind to have sent me one of these so that I could give my opinion to other potential iPhone Developers.  I am happy to say that I can officially get rid of all my scratch pieces of paper that I have thrown together in my laptop bag now and have one central location for all of my iPhone designs and project mockups.  Having this one “Sketch Book” will allow me to be more productive in meetings with clients and co-workers as all of the drawings and notes will be in one location.  The “Sketch Book” is filled with 100 blank to scale iPhone templates that you can layout how you want your application to appear on the screen and make any notes of that view’s functionality on the same page.  Every page at the top has a place for Application Name, Screen Name, and Notes.  What more could a developer ask for?  I think it would benefit all iPhone developers as well as clients that are seeking iPhone applications to be designed for them.  This way the client could have all the graphics and what they are wanting to show to the iPhone developer.  It would also enable the iPhone Developer to show their client exactly how things would be laid out on screen and allow input from the client instead of getting everything finished up and seeing if that is what the client had in mind.  The pricing for this is $14.99 which is a great deal! It is a spiral bound notebook, has nice thick pages, and is all around a quality product. Below is the products description. Head on over to the iPhone Application Sketch Book website and get your copy today!

EDIT: I think I forgot to mention that this product is now an invaluable part of my design process for all future applications by Nichols Solutions!

This attractive notebook holds 100 blank to-scale iPhone templates ready for you to design that next big App hit. This is an inexpensive way to keep those important User Interface (UI) designs organized and at your finger tips with plenty of room for notes and annotations.

If you already know that you want to order a large quantity, please email us at for pricing.  We also have the capability to produce custom Sketch Books in small quantities to your Graphical Design specifications.

A recent survey of iPhone Application Designers revealed that 95% use traditional paper and pencil to sketch layouts of their ideas and User Interface designs.  Most thought they could benefit from a way to keep these sketches better organized.  What do you think?

Kapsoft also provides a host of Software Design Consulting Services from iPhone Programming, iPhone Accessory Design (select member of “Made for iPod – Works with iPhone” program), to Enterprise Cloud based programming.


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