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App Review – BillMinder

This application was released on September 23, 2009 into the App Store.  I have been using BillMinder for about a month now.  The initial setup was a breeze entering categories that I wanted, the account information, and the bills that we have (TOO MANY!).  I did go ahead and sign up for the push notifications through iTunes as well for the small fee of $0.99.  This application allows you to setup the bills you have automatically drafted from your account and will also notify via push that it was been auto payed just as a reminder to take it out of your checkbook, if you haven’t already.  The badge updates with any bills you have due within a number of days that you set in the settings and it also sends the push notifications based on this number of days as well.  One of the other cool features is that it allows you to integrate with the PocketMoney application to allow you to have your checkbook/accounts setup.  This has been a real life saver for me as I’m not one to carry around a checkbook all the time.  Will post a full review of PocketMoney next.  BillMinder has been a great addition to my apps that I use on a daily basis and the development company is great about listening to feedback and getting the application updated.  Below is the applications description.  Head on over to the App Store and download BillMinder today!

BillMinder Description:

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*Push is a very cheap, premium, optional feature that is billed annually through iTunes and does not automatically renew.  Charging a very small amount for push helps us cover server costs.  Thanks for understanding that we aim to provide a quality service.*

– Push Price for your Region Listed under “Top In App Purchases” (on iPhone and below description in iTunes)

– Push FAQ:

Featured by Apple in “What’s Hot” on the App Store!!
Fox News Tapped-In Video Review:


BillMinder is the most feature-filled bill reminding application on iPhone!  It simplifies your life by tracking your bills.  It is YOUR personal bill assistant.  BillMinder helps YOU manage your finances by:

– BEAUTIFUL Calendar View!
– PUSH Notifications alert you when your bill nearing its due date (VERY small annual charge applies for this feature, does not auto-renew, billed through iTunes)
– Status icons
– Account icons
– 1-tap to mark bills paid
– Improved calendar
– Email a backup (restore via website and computer)
– Password protection
– Alerts! BillMinder alerts you when bills are due (open BillMinder to update the icon on your iPhone)
– Unique Custom recurring bills (e.g. 17 months)
– Manage Account and Bill info
– Easily see bill amount totals (all, paid, and unpaid)
– Categorize your Accounts and filter which ones you see on the bills screen and calendar
– Export to Excel and Numbers compatible format (CSV)
– Autopay can now optionally mark your bills paid on their due date for you (if you purchase PUSH Notifications, it will tell you if bills were autopaid as well)
– View bill history
– Integration with PocketMoney for iPhone (lets you send bill data to Pocket Money!)
– Currency symbol automatically based on locale (“Region Format” in international settings on iPhone)

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