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App Review – American Quiz

This application was released on September 17, 2009 into the App Store.  This app has some really great patriotic wallpapers that you can use on your iPhone/iPod.  The national anthem displays the words and also allows you to play the music.  I have played a few of the quizzes and it works perfect, however I need to read back up on some of it!  It has many types of quizzes from Flag, President, American History, and Random.  You can also submit your high scores and then review them.  Has a vast amount of information on all of the Presidents!  You can also read the Declaration of Independence.  This is a great patriotic app and I really don’t know of anything else like it out there.  Would be a great history lesson for a good long while for the kids and adults alike.  Below is the applications description.  Head on over to the App Store and download American Quiz today!

American Quiz Description:

Its time to remember the great American history and leaders.  American Quiz contains 4 types of quizzes on America and alot of information about the USA presidents, The Declaration of Independence, National Anthem, and wallpapers to download.  All the quiz will have 10 questions and you must answer the question within the time.  Once question is displayed you start with 1000 points and it keeps decreasing with time til you answer.  If your answer is correct, you get the left points.

So what are you waiting for, its time to show the world that you know everything about America.  Be the top player.


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