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App Review – SlickShopper

This application was released on September 3, 2009 into the App Store.  I have been using this application for a while now and really love the feature of selecting items for the shopping list by room.  This has saved us from the repeat trips to the grocery store by having everything listed within the app by room.  Once you get your list created, it displays how many items you have to get and can even see an approximation of how much it’s going to set you back on the trip money wise as well.  I have now become the grocery dad since this app…thanks Brian…lol.  This is way more than the usual grocery list type app with many features and the developer is open to suggestions.  If you are a frequent shopper, who’s not, you need to get this app!  Below is the applications description.  Head on over to the App Store and download SlickShopper today!

SlickShopper Description:

Are you looking for a basic grocery list app?  Or perhaps you seek a program with a little more power?  Either way, wouldn’t you like an application that helps you both in planning the list, and during a shopping trip?  Great news!  SlickShopper is all of that and more!

Combining powerful sorting and searching capabilities, along with numerous customizable options, SlickShopper can support a wide range of typical use cases.  Ever return home from a shopping trip only to realize you forgot to buy something?  SlickShopper can help by providing a room-by-room listing of items you have previously purchased.  Want to get an idea of how much your next shopping trip will cost?  SlickShopper will estimate your total as you build your list.  Don’t care about prices?  Turn them off!

Want to try before you buy?  Check out SlickShopper Lite.  It’s free!  Then come back and buy the full version to unleash the power of SlickShopper.

– Organize your list by the rooms in your house/apartment.  This is a great way to see things you’ve purchased before, so you don’t forget to add them to your list for your next shopping trip.
– Sort your list three different ways: 1) Alphabetically, 2) Custom, and 3) ‘Smart’ store order or house order.
– Create multiple store layouts.  Easily find what you need in the grocery store, hardware store, drug store, retail store, etc.
– Categories take the pain out of locating an item.  Define a location one time, then similar items will automatically know where to go!
– In-app settings mean you don’t have to leave the program to change your preferences.  Customize the way the program works to best suit your needs!

Need some help getting started?  Tutorial videos are available on our web site:

We are eager to receive your feedback!  Questions, comments, feature requests, bug reports, etc.  Contact links are in the app (Manage tab -> About SlickShopper), and on our web site.


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