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App Review – Sleep Cycle

This application was released on August 15, 2009 into the App Store.  Ok, so I was a skeptic of if this app would actually work.  The first night that I tried it out.  I was asleep in the same bed as my wife (she wakes up before me) and this was a complete failure because it was sensing her waking up and not my actual movement…so make sure that you are sleeping by yourself.  I tried this the second night and did feel refreshed and woke up without any real issues.  By the way, I’m not a morning person and usually don’t hear alarm clocks.  The same results happened the next morning as well, woke up without any issues.  I have to admit that this app is working for me and think that it would help many of us that like to sleep in on work days 🙂  Just make sure that you are sleeping by yourself and that you do not lock or close out the application before going to bed.  Also please note that I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU BEING LATE BASED ON MY REVIEW OF THIS APPLICATION…lol.  Below is the applications description.  Head on over to the App Store and download Sleep Cycle today!

Sleep Cycle Description:

Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.

5/5 Stars on
“Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is $0.99 and you would be insane to not go and buy this app right now.  It just works.  Period.  It does exactly what it advertises which is absolutely amazing.”

What our users are saying:
“I was baffled at how well it worked.  Almost every day I used it, I felt refreshed when the alarm started.” – Christina Karlsson

“Waking up at the right time is an amazing thing.  I couldn’t believe the difference it made!” – Michael Palka

“It felt like I was already awake and the iPhone just let me know it.” – Anders Hejdenberg


Sleep Cycle monitors your movement during sleep using the extremely sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone.  Sleep Cycle then finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time.

Look at the screenshots for recommended iPhone placement.


Sleep Cycle was developed using proven sleep science and five months of exhaustive testing.

As you sleep you go through different phases that range from deep sleep to light sleep.  The phase you are in when your alarm clock goes off is a critical factor regarding how tired you will feel when you wake up.

Since you move differently in bed during the different phases, Sleep Cycle uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movement to determine which sleep phase you are in.

Sleep Cycle then wakes you in your lightest sleep phase.

Remember!  Do NOT lock your phone when going to bed.  Sleep Cycle automatically shuts down your screen and puts the phone into a power saving mode.  If you lock your phone, Sleep Cycle will not sense your movement and will then only be able to wake you at the end of the alarm time.

– Ability to charge your phone by your bed.
– Ability to place your iPhone according to the instructions (see screenshots – iTunes).
– Sleep Cycle does not work with Tempur mattresses.

Please note that we no longer support iPod Touch.  Please do not buy Sleep Cycle if you have an iPod Touch.


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App Review – A Doodle Flight

This application was released on September 1, 2009 into the App Store.  I have read a lot of reviews on this app stating that it crashes a lot.  I have not had any issues with this game crashing at all.  I’m not sure if other users are using the Facebook connect or not, which I have not used so that may be the culprit.  At any rate, this game is nice to kill some time during those 5-10 minute intervals between whatever you are waiting on.  The kids love it since they can draw and then play with their plane.  It does sort of have this kids feeling to the app which reflects them always wanting to play this game rather than any of the others I have on my iPhone.  If I remember correctly, it seems as if their may be an issue with the calibration for the accelerometer as I had some major issues while trying to play it when laying in bed…calibrating it didn’t seem to help matters either.  Great game for kids and adults alike!  Below is the applications description.  Head on over to the App Store and download A Doodle Flight today!

A Doodle Flight Description:

For those who start crash after ‘connected’ to facebook, please try to re-install the game.


This game is insanely FUN, FANTASTIC, HILARIOUS and makes you LAUGH!


A Doodle Flight — brings you a totally different style of aircraft game you’ve never played before.  It is a flight war on paper.  The monsters and your plane are high quality hand-drawings and you are going to beat those funny enemies and cute bosses by controlling your plane.  This game is gonna bring you a unique and refreshing flight experience.

– DRAW your own plane
– 9 unique stages of fun
– 9 cute bosses to defeat
– a group of funny monsters
– online scoreboard
– facebook connection
– simple touch or tilt controls

Coming Version 3.0 features:
– you can import your real drawings plane photo
– solve some bugs according to your reviews

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