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App Review – iCam (Webcam Video Streaming)

This application was released on July 08, 2009 into the App Store.  I was skeptical to download this application at first as I didn’t think I would get it to work with my laptop being connected to a VZW air card but I was proven wrong.  I fired up the laptop with the card and started the iCamSource application on my MacBook Pro, opened the app on the iPhone and was able to see the live streaming.  I have also tested this out with a couple of my IP Cameras that are currently used for security and it worked like a champ!  I really like having this as an application instead of the way that I used to open the home server website and do all the logins to just be able to see the cameras while on vacations.  I would like to have the ability to simply stream a live feed from just an ip address with using the remote camera’s login/password combination but other than that, I think this is a really note-worthy application!  Support is very helpful and fast at getting back to you if you have a complex network configuration.  Help these guys out by downloading their application so that they can continue to add function to this already great app!  Below is the applications description. Head on over to the App Store and download iCam today!

iCam Description:

You can now optionally add the ability to receive push notifications on your iPhone when motion is detected by your iCamSource(s) for an additional one-time charge of $0.99.

Visit to see push notifications in action.

iCam allows you to stream live video and audio from up to four webcams to your iPhone or iPod touch over WiFi, 3G, or EDGE.

Popular uses include baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, spy cam, and security camera.

Please note that to use iCam you will also need to download the free iCamSource software from

The iCamSource software supports Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.4 and later.

iCam users also have access to iCamWeb, allowing them to connect to their iCamSource(s) from most any modem, Java-enabled web browser:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are iCam and iCamSource?

A: iCam is an application for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to view live streaming video and audio from up to four computer webcams at the same time.  iCamSource is the free computer application that streams your webcam video and audio to iCam.

Q: What do I need to do to setup and use iCam and iCamSource?

A: The steps are:

1) Download iCam to your iPhone or iPod touch and iCamSource to your computer.

2) Start the iCamSource, and choose your USB / FireWire / Built-In webcam from the video and audio drop-down lists.  If you are connecting to an Ethernet / Wi-Fi camera, simply enter the camera’s MJPEG/JPEG URL along with the camera’s login and password.

3) Enter a login and password, and click the start button.

4) Start iCam on your iPhone or iPod touch, and enter the same login and password from step 3.

5) Tap Done.  iCam is now setup and running, and should connect to the iCamSource running on your computer.

Tap a video thumbnail to Zoom In, and Double-Tap to Zoom Out.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 for any additional computers and steps 4 & 5 for any additional iPhones or iPod touches, being sure to use the same login and password for all of them.

Q: Do I have to configure my firewall or router or know what my IP address to use iCam?

A: Nope 🙂

iCam and iCamSource use the same firewall and router piercing technologies and algorithms developed for to perform zero-config peer-to-peer connections.  In most situations, things should “just work” unless your network is particularly complex or restricted.

If you do have problems getting things to work, please be sure to either contact support or visit the discussion forum.

Q: Does this work if iCam is connected via EDGE or 3G or a different WiFi network than the iCamSource?

A: Yes.

Note: If you are on the move and your iPhone switches between being connected via WiFi, EDGE, or 3G, you may have to tap the reconnect button if you lose your connections as your IP address may have changed.

Q: What types of cameras does the iCamSource support?

A: The iCamSource currently supports any Built-In, FireWire, or USB webcam supported by Windows XP/Vista or OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and later.  It also supports FireWire-connected DV cameras on OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and later.  Video-only support is also available for most MJPEG/JPEG-compatible WiFi and Ethernet network IP webcams.

Q: Can I save screenshots in iCam?

A: Yes, you can save screenshots by pressing the iPhone’s Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time.  The images will be stored in your iPhone’s Photos Camera Roll.


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