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App Review – Ring It Up POS – Merchant Sales, Expenses & Invoice

This application was released on August 7, 2009 into the App Store.  Ok, so my iPhone goes everywhere with me and that includes service calls for various computer issues, on-site programming, etc.; Typically, I have to then go back to the office, type in all the information on cost/hours into my program on the computer and then send the client an email of the invoice.  Then they typically call me and I enter in their credit card information and then email them a receipt back.  Well not anymore!  This app has so many great features and makes this whole process a breeze.  I plan on using this for concessions at the recreation department for sales to keep up with everything instead of dragging the laptop to the field now.  I would like to see integration with Merchant Warehouse’s Accept Credit Cards application.   Below is the applications description. Head on over to the App Store and download Ring It Up POS – Merchant Sales, Expenses & Invoice today!

Ring It Up POS – Merchant Sales, Expenses & Invoice Description:

Ring it Up POS – Track your sales and expenses, right on your iPhone.

Ring it Up is a portable point of sale application for the entrepreneur on the go.  Whether you are at a trade show, flea market, swap meet, photo shoot, or a craft fair, Ring It Up makes the job of tracking sales and expenses a snap.  After you have added all of your products and/or services into your catalog, adding a sales transaction is simply a matter of a few taps on your screen and you are done.  Invoicing your customer just as simple.

Ring it Up POS is great for trade shows, flea markets, craft fairs, and is ideal for the merchant, freelancer, contractor, hairdresser / hair stylists / Barbers, massage therapist, nail tech, photographer, consultant and any other self-employed professional on the go who needs an accurate yet simple way of keeping track of sales and expenses and managing invoices for their business.  Bookkeeping no longer has to be a chore.

*** Credit Card Processing ***
Ring It Up now works with the following Credit Card Processing Apps.

– Credit Card Terminal – Inner Fence
– ProcessAway – Rapadev
– iSwipe – AppNinjas
– iMerchant Pro Credit Card Terminal –

When combined with Ring it Up, you can track your sales and collect credit card payments, right on location.  For more information visit,

Ring it Up POS features:
– Quick and easy sales or expense entry
– Sales and expense reports
– Customizable receipts/invoices via HTML based templates
– iPhone address book integration
– Data importing and exporting
– Basic Inventory Management
– Quoting feature
– Works with 4 different Credit Card Processing Apps

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