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App Review – Drunkalizer

This application was released on July 29, 2009 into the App Store.  This is one of my new favorite apps!  I recently went on a 1200 mile road trip with some guys from the fire department for a class and we had many, many laughs with this app on the trip up and back!  On Friday night, we didn’t sound much different from the app as we went to the pub but it was very funny to use while in classes, etc.  The only thing I would like is to see the ability to store more of the sound clips in future updates.  Great job by the developer in this very unique application!  Below is the applications description. Head on over to the App Store and download Drunkalizer today!

Drunkalizer Description:

Find out what you sound like when you’re drunk!

Record your voice and hear it played back through our highly sophisticated Drunkalizer audio processing engine.  The less whiskey left in the bottle, the more drunk you sound!


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Other – 360iDev

I just saw a post from a friend of mine on Facebook about this conference.  I have looked through the site and speakers that will be there and it looks like it will be an amazing conference to attend.  The conference will be held September 27, 2009 – September 30, 2009.  There will also be an OpenGL class by speaker Noel Llopis on September 26, 2009 – September 27, 2009 at the same hotel.  There will be around 40 speakers in total for this event, how sweet is that.  I will hopefully be able to make this one as it looks like it will be a great event to attend.  Head on over and check out 360iDev today!


Bringing together the best and brightest of the iPhone development community! This 3-day event will take place September 27 to 30, 2009 @ The Curtis Hotel in Denver, CO.

The Curtis Hotel
1405 Curtis Street
Denver, CO 8020

360|iDev is the premiere iPhone, iPod Touch developer conference in the world. We bring together the best speakers and sponsors in the industry under one roof!

Building the iPhone developer community and increasing the networking within it is our goal. Come share stories (good and bad) about developing for the iPhone!

We’re staggering the price for 360|iDev! All three levels are available first come, first serve. The first 100 tickets at $360, then the rest are $499. Buy early to get the best deal!

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