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App Review – Num Nuts

This application was released on July 18, 2009 into the App Store. I have played this game tonight way more than I had first expected.  I was searching along and all of a sudden the Buzzer went off to let me know my time had ran up…sort of startled me, of course the wife got a kick out of that.  I used to do many word searches at night before bed to get me good and sleepy, however I don’t think this game would have the same effect as it is sort of addicting.  I haven’t gotten a great high score yet but I will keep trying.  Some improvements that I would like to see is the ability to have an extended timer option for the kids, a global high score for all the users of the app globally (non-extended timer option, or two high score boards), and a hint button for those times where you just go blank.  I think the developer has created a great game that will allow me more hours of fun with my iPhone!  Below is the applications description. Head on over to the App Store and download Num Nuts today!

Num Nuts Description:

Num Nuts is like a Word Search for Numbers.

Forget Sodoku, the Morning Crossword, Search a Word and the Jumble.  Num Nuts replaces them all!  Just whip out your iPhone/iPod Touch and start adding those numbers.  Try to beat your high scores each day.

Your objective is to select a grouping of numbers that add up to the target number (located at the top of the numbers box).

To select numbers simply drag your finger over the numbers that add up.  When you’ve chosen your numbers lift your finger.  If your selection is correct you will get points as well as the extra seconds added to your time.  The more numbers you use the more points as well as time you receive.

Challenge your friends to achieve a high score in this crazy number game!


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